Matt Sephton

I type stuff into computers to make them do cool things.
Previously I worked as a Technology Evangelist at Apple.

I'm currently making video games and art of my own design.

Projects Description
2024 Super ICARUS A survival racer, for Playdate
2023 Fore! Track It’s golf in a tank, for Playdate
YOYOZO Physics-based arcade game for Playdate
Sparrow Solitaire Mahjong Solitaire puzzle game for Playdate
Great Wave Today Where can I see Hokusai’s Great Wave today?
2022 Circular Crank controlled arcade game for Playdate
Bender One button arcade game for Playdate
2021 1-bit Woodblocks Reinterpretations of classic Japanese woodblock prints
2020 Iwata Asks Downloader Archiver for the highly regarded Iwata Asks interviews
2019 Moai Games A list of video games featuring Moai
2017 favemoji Emoji instead of favicons in Safari
2016 Emojipedia Emoji Dictionary for macOS, created for #WorldEmojiDay
2015 Boom Dots Remake of casual game Boom Dots using the Phaser JavaScript framework
2013 Chrome Extensions Extensions to add features to Chrome
iStockLargeComp Safari and Chrome extension to download large comps on
2012 Vanilla plugins Plugins for the Vanilla Forums online community software
Bender Game for the AGBIC independent game development competition
AGBIC Community website for an independent game development competition
Alfred Extensions Extensions for Alfred the macOS productivity app
2011 Flicky (1984) Tumblr blog about the classic Sega arcade game Flicky
Monkey text editor add-ons Language support for monkey in TextMate, Sublime Text 2 and other editors
monkey Logo and documentation system for monkey, an exciting new programming language
ProxyConnect Plugin for WolfCMS open source content management system
2010 Safari Extensions Extensions to add features to Safari
Loveletter Generator Reimplementation of an early computer algorithm from 1952
Dream Past Video game reviews. Old but gold
2009 dd-gui A simple GUI for the dd copy command under macOS
Services Services to do cool stuff, like calculating maths expressions in the selected text of any OS X app
VGdates Subscribe to constantly updated video game release date calendars
PNGenie Lossless PNG optimiser for macOS with simple drag and drop operation
Today Date and time display as a macOS screen saver. Inspired by On Kawara’s “Today Series”
2008 Radio Paradise Official Extended information for Radio Paradise on your Chumby. Official widget
ebay2ics Get reminders of eBay auction end times
Chumby widgets Various widgets for the Chumby internet enabled device
cue2xml Simple cue/chapter file conversion
2007 speaklolcat Translate English to lolcat, just for fun
2005 Ceefax Viewer Dashboard widget to view Ceefax at any time
UK.keylayout macOS keyboard mapper to make Mac keyboard behave like PC keyboards
2004 Wire Hang Redux Addictive “coffee break” video game
Archive Old web stuff I did before this domain existed
Moved to this domain
Apps Description
2012 Fun Folds Photography app for iOS - fold photos of friends for fun!
Combo Explorer Interactive guide to kart combos in Mario Kart 7, for iOS and Android
2011 Wire Hang Redux Addictive “coffee break” video game for Mac and PC
Sunset Taker Photo manipulation and sharing iPhone app for Grand Marnier, designed by Isobel
MoSI iPad app for the Revolution Manchester exhibition at MoSI, designed by kin Design
2010 Inception Social web browser for all iOS devices
Sun Safe Sun bathing alarm and health information iPhone app. In partnership with Skcin
fCards Digital postcard iPhone app for leading independent stock photo library fStop Images
2009 Minipops Famous people drawn really small. 1,000 illustrations by Craig Robinson in a handy iPhone app
Ladder Golf Interactive Ladder Golf lawn game score card for iPhone and iPod touch
2008 Mölkky Score Interactive Mölkky lawn game score card for iPhone and iPod touch
App Store launched
Jobs Role
2020 Independent Game Developer & Digital Artist
2016 Independent Consultant and Developer
2013 Apple Technology Evangelist
2008 Self-Employed Consultant and Developer
2007 Engine Group Contract Developer
2006 Zopa Contract Developer
2005 Wilson Fletcher Senior Developer
2003 Radley Yeldar Senior Developer
2001 Cityspace Senior Developer
1999 Blueberry Lead Developer
1998 Form Developer
1989 Bedroom Programmer
1976 Born
2020 Tim’s Listening Party      
2019 Rachel Billington
2017 Room 151
2013 Three Choirs Festival
2012 Read-Only Memory  
Rare Basic
The Headland Hotel  
Lucky 8 Asian Food    
Paul Epworth
2011 Laura Ashley blog
46 Parallels  
Jon Gorrigan
Studio Fishpool
Instant Exposure  
Bradbury’s Gallery
2010 ICA New Contemporaries  
Royal Marsden Hospital  
Hybrid Life
Mike & Maaike
2009 wallace#sewell
Vodafone internal project  
Tate Liverpool: Colour Chart    
2008 Moving Brands
Tate Britain: Turner Prize    
Nintendo: Mother’s Day    
Ben Curzon
2007 Royal Parks Half    
Design Friendship
University of the Arts London  
Project Space 176
2006 Knoll International    
Started my own company        

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